ZigZag by Charlie Bears


CHARLIE BEARS BEARHOUSE ZIGZAG (AARDVARK) Size: 14″ (36cm) The body of an Aardvark looks like a pig and it has rabbit-like ears and a kangaroo tail – yet the Aardvark is related to none of these animals. After sunset they put their claws to good use in acquiring their favourite food……termites!!

The Bearhouse Zigzag Aardvark has been lovingly hand-made with such great detail. This includes all of the features that you would expect to see in an Aardvark, such as the trotters, pointed ears, long tail and of course, the long snout, for sniffing out termites. This is definitely one animal that will stand out in your collection, because chances are…. you probably won’t have an Aardvark until Zigzag joins your hug!Bearhouse Bears are non-jointed Charlie Bears at great prices. Suitable from 18 months of age and fully machine washable.Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris