Wilfy by Charlie Bears


Wilfy by Charlie Bears 19″ (48cm)

The owner of Charlie Bears is Charlotte Morris, known as Charlie and WILFY is the nickname of her husband William, who loves big “bear” bears and his favourite ones are known as WILFYS BIG BOYS. Therefore it was only fitting that WILFY had to be one of those, so he is a good sized bear and has lots of bear characteristics, such as the bigger, pronounced muzzle. His soft and cuddly coat is made up from a mix of gingery browns and creams, with lots of dark tipping. His little ears are hidden amongst the fur and he has “who me?” eyes, which suit his character perfectly….. Will is always getting into trouble for letting out secrets and so this innocent expression can be misleading!

The big paw pads are sculpted and stitched and have some airbrushing for extra definition and he wears a necklace with a heart pendant.

Will has had other bears named after him in the past, which have all been very popular, so this stunning bear is sure to be in demand as well, so order quickly if you don’t want to be disappointed!

Look out for WILLAMENA, who is paired with WILFY.

Wilfy is from the Charlie Bears 2020 Collection.

Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris

Hand wash cool, with care.