Woodside Farm by Anji Davenport (L364/12)


Designer: Anji Davenport
Dimensions: H 62.50 x W 41.00 x D 41.00 cm
Shape: L364/12
Edition: Open

In 2000 Anji Davenport’s Woodside Farm was launched. For the first time, a countryside range designed with the innate emotions of a farmer’s daughter, Anji Davenport, captured the very spirit of winter. Anji has since redesigned the original design and Woodside Farm has now grown, more farm buildings have been erected and a vicarage now supports the church. This time the foxes have a new friend – a barn owl. In the morning, the glistening white snow may no longer hark to this romantic rural idyll but for now, all can bask in the wonderful colours and imagery on this lamp.