White Carnation


“White Carnation” Designer: Nicola Slaney. Generally speaking, designs from Walter Moorcroft were easy to understand and perhaps the most spiteful comment that Walter recalled came from a dealer who once said that his flowers all seemed ‘stuck on’.  That hurt, and Walter never forgot it.  Neither did Moorcroft designer, Nicola Slaney.  Picking up the thread of one of Walter’s wonderful tales about design, she heard him to comment that “green carnations were for Oscar Wilde: pink carnations for cheap nights out and white carnations for love itself”.  Nicola soon made white carnations appear as if by magic on an ever-popular jug and a modest little coaster.  Design can be like that.  A chance remark: a snip from a story and the visual impact of an open, white flower in full bloom, can start to meld together, and with Nicola as the designer, against a backcloth of dark blue shading to pure white.  Simple, yet perfect.  Those are the attributes of a good design and White Carnation is one of them.  Walter Moorcroft would have been pleased.