Tomodachi by Charlie Bears


Tomodachi by Charlie Bears 19″ (48cm) Limited Edition of 200

Tomodachi is a traditional black and white panda and one of the biggest bears in the 2020 Isabelle Collection.

The name means “Friend” in Japanese and if you love pandas, look out for his friend YUMI, who is similar, but smaller and these would make an ideal pair together.

This handsome panda has a very cuddly coat of black and white textured fur, made of wool, which is very unusual. His expressive eyes have the typical panda teardrop markings, which makes them stand out from the white fur and so does the black hand-stitched nose and mouth. He has some black fur in between his light sculpted toes and pads and is accessorised with a lovely pendant.

Pandas are always very popular, both in the wild and ones that are made by Charlie Bears, so order now, before he becomes extinct!

Tomodachi is a fully jointed bear from the Charlie Bears 2020 Isabelle Collection.

Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris

Each bear comes in an embroidered Isabelle Collection canvas bag.

This is a collectors item and not suitable for under 14 years of age.

Surface wash with care.