The May Queen 101/18 by Nicola Slaney of Moorcroft

The May Queen 101/18 by Nicola Slaney of Moorcroft. There can be no mistaking the style of The May Queen, with its elegant, feminine line work and a muted colour palette, all of which speaks volumes for the name Mackintosh, lauded across the world. The May Queen was originally a panel in the ladies’ luncheon room situate inside Miss Cranston’s Ingram Street tearooms in Glasgow. The original panel was created by Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh, wife of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. No surprises here, doubly so because Nicola loves the subtle, warm colours that Margaret used. Her original panel was made to sit alongside its twin – an equally famous design called The Wassail, and as Nicola says, “You can look at The May Queen over and over again and still see new things”. It matters not how you study the images. The line work leads you on through stylised people, patterns, shapes and hieroglyphics and right into a place which is restful, beautiful and totally inspiring.