The Flock by Kerry Goodwin


Shape: 7/5
Limited Edition 30

In the British countryside, Cotswold sheep are a sight to behold. Often spotted in rolling grasslands, the sheep are as happy and contented with their environment, as their owners are with them. Maureen, or as Hugh will affectionately call her, Mo, has a soft spot for these story-book sheep. After raising a family of four children, she made the decision, years later, to rear a flock of her own sheep. Today, only a handful of the elderly and infirm spend out their days in the luscious meadows beside the infant River Chelmer. Not only has Maureen bred, raised and farmed her own flock of sheep at home in Thaxted, but she has also been a shepherdess in a metaphorical sense for the workforce of Moorcroft. Colleagues at Moorcroft all feel the caring presence of Maureen whenever she is at The Works and her watchful eye keeps everyone safe, with a sense of ‘togetherness.’