The Bellows and Tobermory by Emma Bossons and Vicky Lovatt of Moorcroft

The Bellows and Tobermory by Emma Bossons and Vicky Lovatt of Moorcroft. Flying fish tumble and twist into crests of Art Deco waves. Soothingly, the fish shoals include vertical and horizontal line work as they disappear into the deep offering the mythical possibility that someone was opening and closing the bellows of an accordion. The fish jive in oceans of colour as they curl into a rolling geometric shoal where they release their own water bubbles which hang like ballroom glass balls over trapezoidal fins which dart like a thousand chevrons under and over the swirl.

TOBERMORYPLQ3 PlaqueNumbered Edition


With the smell of salt and seaweed in the seemingly incessant wind blowing around the Scottish Island of Mull, the small town of Tobermory clings to the shoreline. Tobermory was founded in 1786 as an ideal place for a fishing settlement complete with a natural harbour. Today, it is as picturesque as it has always been and as if to add to the atmosphere, a Gaelic song made famous by the late Bing Crosby called Tobermory Bay, has made its own special contribution to the little town. The small, painted cottages still stand around the curving harbourside and it was these little houses which first captured Vicky’s imagination. The scenic mix is almost intoxicating in its beauty and not surprisingly, Vicky finished her day with a folder full of preliminary sketches. showing Tobermory with all its magical charm.