Tamlaine 72/12 by Emma Bossons FRSA of Moorcroft


Tamlaine 72/12 by Emma Bossons FRSA of Moorcroft. Emma chose a classic chalice shape to tell of her interpretation of a painting called Tamlaine by MacNair based on a fable called the Ballad of Tam Lin. The story revolves around a woman named Janet who passes through the forest of Carterhaugh and meets Tam Lin who is a slave to the Fairy Queen. Janet picks a flower for him and eventually rescues him back to humanity from his elfin life. ‘My design shows Janet hiding in thorn bushes waiting for Tam Lin to pass by on a parade – from here she grabs him and eventually he is human again’ adds Emma. This design has fairy mischief, romance and enchantment all rolled into one; so, dim the lights, gather around the hearth and imagine that you can hear the tinkling bells of fairy bridles as you gaze into a wonderful vision speckled with Glasgow styling, flowers and colour.