Swansong by Nicola Slaney (L7/7)


Designer: Nicola Slaney
Dimensions: H 46.00 x W 36.00 x D 36.00 cm
Shape: L7/7
Edition: Open

In 1915 Mackintosh moved to Glebe Place in Chelsea where he rented two small adjacent studios. Here he found the warmth and companionship he needed and made many friends. It was during his time in Chelsea from 1915-1923 that Mackintosh produced numerous textile designs. In Swansong, Kerry pays tribute to the designs of Mackintosh’s latter days. The design features stylised tulips, but as the plant is so abstract it could as easily be the plant honesty, or a closed flower bud. Mackintosh explored this ‘tulip’ theme in a number of designs, experimenting with other variations in detailing and colour schemes. Designs such as these were among the most progressive of the period in Britain. Kerry’s choice of colour palette was inspired by the rich gold, purple and black of Mackintosh’s original design, yet she has added her own palette of a soft duck egg blue to lighten the design. A clever use of a mustard coloured clay adds to the drama of this diminutive jug.