Swallowtail 576/15 Designed by Vicky Lovatt of Moorcroft

Swallowtail 576/15 Designed by Vicky Lovatt of Moorcroft.

Meet the largest and one of the most localised butterflies in the UK – the swallowtail. Blown up to colossal proportions, stylised and celebrated in design, Vicky provides a bright and spectacular interpretation of this delicate species. The British race of the swallowtail butterfly is now limited to the Norfolk Broads, choosing sites with a vigorous growth of milk parsley, where it lays its eggs. Adults emerge from their over-winter chrysalises, drying their wings in the safety of the reed beds before fluttering away.

This butterfly’s swallow-like tail mimics antennae, which together with two red and blue ‘false eyes’ confuse predators into thinking it is a two-headed butterfly. Vicky has extended the idea of disorientation by bringing the swallowtail’s deceptive markings below and above the boundaries of its wings. Careful line work weaves between the fragile veins of the wings and geometric patterns of the rest of the design, to-ing and fro-ing across the surface. Vicky uses opulent colours of sapphire, pomegranate and vanilla, resulting in an eye-catching design. Finished with an immaculate Moorcroft glaze for a glassy effect, Swallowtail really does bring justice to such a magnificent creature.