Storytelling by Emma Bossons FRSA


Designer: Emma Bossons FRSA
Shape: Inkwell
Edition: Numbered

“Follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.”  The words of Franz Kafka certainly ring true for Maureen and Hugh who have both dedicated their hearts and souls to the written word at Moorcroft. Both have always upheld the notion that Moorcroft design captures ‘stories and dreams’. Each design comes with its own history and story, from conception to the moment it reaches your home.  So, whilst Moorcroft designers have expressed their creativity through paints, the Edwards’ have used a pen. Hugh, whose pen name is Fraser Street, has written three books about Moorcroft and his autobiography is in transit. Maureen has upheld the position of Moorcroft Club Journal Editor from the moment it first came into print. Through their words, the couple have inspired and educated thousands of readers worldwide with careful documentation and fascinating, indeed unique, insight into Moorcroft’s art pottery.

In honour of their years in writing and print, master mould maker, Trevor Critchlow, one of the few staff working at Moorcroft when Maureen and Hugh arrived in 1986, has resurrected a much-loved and highly sought-after shape from the Moorcroft Museum, the famous inkwell. Designer, Emma Bossons, has created a hypnotic peacock feather motif to adorn the inkwell, to represent a traditional quill that may once have been dipped into the ink.