“Sleeping Beauty” PLQ 2 Plaque Designed by Nicola Slaney of Moorcroft

“Sleeping Beauty” PLQ 2 plaque Designed by Nicola Slaney of Moorcroft. High above the Clyde in Helensburgh, Hill House is said to be the finest of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s domestic designs and the iconic Arts and Crafts house and gardens date back to 1902. Publisher Walter Blackie commissioned Mackintosh to design not only the house and grounds, but also the furniture, fittings and decorative schemes. The architect’s wife, Margaret, designed and produced many of the textiles, as well as a “sleeping princess” gesso fireplace panel. Adapted into ceramic form, the viewer is drawn to a reclining beauty, who floats like a Rossetti muse among Burne-Jones style Briar roses.