Silver Gulls by Moorcroft


“Silver Gulls” 769/8 by Vicky Lovatt Limited to 25 pcs.

On the rare occasion that Kati Thanda–Lake Eyre fills, it immediately becomes the largest lake on the Australian continent.  The lake actually has a drainage basin that covers one-sixth of all Australia and as such, it is one of the largest internal drainage systems in the world.  When there is sufficient rainfall to make the rivers flow at all, they flow towards Lake Eyre.  In flood years, the lake bed fills and for a short time, undergoes an amazing period of rapid growth and fertility.  Typically, a flood occurs once every few years, and a fill – or near fill – only four times each century.  Long-dormant marine creatures quickly multiply, weeds and algae suddenly flourish, and fish emerge.  Silver Gulls tell us that this is one of the world’s greatest miracles.