Seaside Days 4/5 by Kerry Goodwin of Moorcroft


Seaside Days 4/5 by Kerry Goodwin of Moorcroft.

A beach hut is the perfect place to spend happy days by the seaside, be it building sandcastles, having a picnic, paddling in the sea, or simply sitting back in a beach-striped deck chair and watching the tide ebb and flow. Pastel colours of bleached timber beach huts run one into another as a sunbather lies decked out in candyfloss-pink shorts and a Panama hat listening to the sound of screeching gulls, the gentle murmur of children playing, and the wind whistling in the sand. On the reverse, children build the king of all sandcastles, as small fishing boats lie beached on dunes and rickety wooden groynes disappear into shimmering sand.