Rockhoppers by Kerry Goodwin (MLK)


Designer: Kerry Goodwin
Shape: MLK (height 24cm)
Limited Edition: 30

As the name suggests, the rockhopper penguin species are named for their behaviour on land. Captured in three charismatic poses, this Moorcroft rockhopper first peeps cheekily behind to himself, with wings pinned to his chest and flattened, flippers pulled together, he prepares to move. A showman, sporting striking bright yellow eyebrows with clown-like long, yellow feathers extending off the sides of the head, he first straddles the rock.

As he lifts up his wings, and allows his head feathers to toss wildly like seaweed in the foam the second pose is complete. Finally, he turns to reveal his profile, complete with wings clasped behind his back, and eyes glinting.

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