Robin Hoods Bay 200/8 by Kerry Goodwin of Moorcroft


Robin Hoods Bay 200/8 by Kerry Goodwin of Moorcroft.

This picturesque old fishing village on the Heritage Coast of the North York Moors holds houses with unusual angles and curious structures that seem to merge into each other. As a golden light pours out of timber framed windows, you can simply imagine the stories of the sea that were told there by the locals centuries ago.

Robin Hood’s Bay is a perfect place for smuggling – it is very isolated and has a protected harbour that is surrounded on three sides by marshland. It had gained its reputation as a smuggler’s haunt by the 18th century. Indeed, it is said, that at this time most of its population was involved in smuggling in some way. Every house had its own secret hiding place and tunnels linking to them. Indeed, legends say that a bale of silk could be easily transferred from the harbour at Robin Hood’s Bay to the clifftops without even leaving the houses.