Renoster 30/10 by Paul Hilditch of Moorcroft


Renoster 30/10 by Paul Hilditch of Moorcroft.

In the quietude of the African bushveld, amongst the acacia and baobab trees, thornbushes, tall grasses, sandstone and trickling river, a crash of rhinoceros gently graze the foliage. Paul’s ability to conjure atmosphere in a design, knows no bounds. In Renoster (Afrikaans for Rhinoceros), he mirrors the huge, grey shoulders of the rhinos with the boulders of rock on the ground, thereby painting a vision of these magnificent animals blending into their natural habitat. A full spectrum of golden sunset yellows and oranges set the backdrop for this design that celebrates the magnificence of these rare creatures in their natural environment.

Dimensions: H 25.00 x W 18.50 x D 18.50 cm