Pure Innocence


“Pure Innocence” Senior Designer: Rachel Bishop. Very often in this strange world of ours, it is the smallest of objects which command the greatest respect.  In the case of Moorcroft, its Senior Designer, Rachel Bishop, decided to honour the man whom she got to know well in her early years at Moorcroft and who, like herself, designed Moorcroft pottery.  It was hard not to like Walter Moorcroft.  His views on design were simple and straightforward, and it was not a career that he would have taken up out of choice.  “I was an innocent in a strange world”, he once remarked.  Rachel took him at his word and decided to work on a round plaque and make it home to a broad-petalled clematis flower, a Walter favourite.  She coated her image with soft white petals fading to pink and from there into a mellow burgundy at the centre.  It was an experienced designer’s view of innocence.