People Watching by Moorcroft


People Watching by Moorcroft designed by Paul Hilditch 164/9 Vase Limited to 25. Nestled cosily between Chelsea and Putney, this London bar holds the sleepy side of the hustle and bustle of City Life. Whilst waitresses carry trays and chat to customers, visitors pour over papers, catch up with their friends or simply watch the characters that ebb and flow into café life. From his mind’s eye, Moorcroft designer, Paul Hilditch, unfolds a multitude of characters with the upmost detail, some are clothed in fashionable Fulham attire to adorn the mock Art Deco exterior and add to the fantastical soft titter of voices, whilst others simply stare across the road at the boutiques and flurry of activity, purposefully stepping aside from the rat race to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.