Peace Anemone 372/5 Vase by Moorcroft


Peace Anemone 372/5 Vase by Moorcroft Designed by Vicky Lovatt Limited.

By 1919, Moorcroft’s Anemone design was already in production at the factory and was to become its longest running range. Also, in 1919, Moorcroft created a series of commemorative mugs inspired by the First World War, some or which featured the words PEACE on them, and examples of which can be seen in the museum today. Vicky decided to bring these two elements together by creating a small vase with a white peace anemone on it, and so, 100 years on, anemones are now ready to emerge from Moorcroft kilns once again.

As an added homage to Moorcroft’s centenary celebrations for its remaining bottle oven, Vicky cleverly hid the Roman numerals for 1919 above her white anemone, whilst below the flower, the Roman numerals for 2019 can be found. On first viewing you can easily be forgiven for thinking this is just the flower stems twisting around the vase, but on closer inspection, the dates will appear in an Art Nouveau-inspired font, framing the white anemones.