Padfoot PLQ18 Plaque by Vicky Lovatt


Padfoot PLQ18 Plaque by Vicky Lovatt.

Beyond Blackshaw Moor, and with a backdrop of the scenery of the Roaches on the bleak Leek to Buxton road, a black dog turns towards Ramshaw Rocks which overlook the famous Hen Cloud and Tittesworth Reservoir. This is a place well known by climbers, hikers and free runners, where the legendary ‘Padfoot,’ a ghostly black dog, is whispered about in tents that dot the moorlands, when they hear the sound of disembodied howls penetrating the silence at night.

This spectral dog is said to appear near burial grounds, guiding those it encounters to resting places. In Padfoot, the black dog’s sleek silhouette straddles the winding road with a backdrop of purple mist filtered by the heather below. The outlines of the 500-foot gritstone escarpment collides with shadows from a thundery sky to conjure up tales of mystery and the unexpected breaks in the silence of night.