Oystercatchers by Vicky Lovatt


Designer: Vicky Lovatt
Shape: 216/8
Limited Edition: 25

Designer Vicky Lovatt’s choice of vase to show her oystercatchers to optimum advantage was beyond inspired. The Moorcroft designer had decided to place her oystercatchers in the round which means that as the vase is turned, the landscape of RSPB Leighton Moss nature reserve opens up. Complete the turn, and as if by magic, you will see the whole landscape.

Much loved throughout the UK, oystercatchers are versatile, noisy if disturbed and very clear about what they prefer to eat. It is not true to assert that oystercatchers live on oysters. They like them certainly: they can open them almost uniquely and most of all they prefer life in ‘parcels’ or ‘slews’ – the oystercatchers’ enlarged family. The birds acquired their name in 1731 when a man called Mark Catesby saw a bird crack open an oyster and eat it. From that moment, the birds became oystercatchers and the name has stayed with them ever since.

Vicky was inspired by the sheer beauty of the shoreline stretching out to Morecombe Bay, with its backcloth of green hills that roll gently down to golden sands, where salt water laps almost silently. It was a place full of lugworms, rock beetles, mussels, limpets and a plentiful supply of all that is good in the diet of hungry oystercatchers.