Ophelia’s Return by Designer Vicky Lovatt


Designer: Vicky Lovatt
Shape: 72/12
Limited Edition: 10

Vicky took great delight in revisiting her study in Shakespearean prose. The original design, Ophelia’s Flowers, in 2010, was a result of Vicky’s desire to bring the flowers from ‘Hamlet’ into a work of art. Ophelia did not choose the flowers randomly and neither did Vicky; daisies (representing innocence) are woven in amongst violets (faithfulness and lost youth), poppies (sleep) and wild pansies. The design is reincarnated in vibrant colours of orange, buttercup, lilac and dusty-rose. The use of this shape, 72/12, was also the original intention for Vicky. When she presented her first trial to the design board, Hugh suggested that she should continue her project and translate the design into a range. ‘Now you’re a designer’ he said to her. Hugh saw something in Vicky’s design and her ability. The words meant a lot to Vicky at the time and still resonate with her today.