Moss Eccles Tarn 65/12 by Kerry Goodwin


Moss Eccles Tarn 65/12 by Kerry Goodwin.

Moss Eccles Tarn was bought by author Beatrix Potter in 1913, the year she married William Heelis. The couple kept a boat on the tarn and spent many happy summer evenings there – William fished and Beatrix sketched. They planted one red water lily and one white water lily, and over the years these have naturally multiplied on the quiet tarn.

Moss Eccles Tarn is now a Site of Special Scientific Interest with a range of aquatic plants as well as plentiful damselflies and dragonflies. To the east, through Cuckoo Brown Wood, lies Lake Windermere, the largest lake in the Lake District, while above the tarn Wise Een Tarn can be discovered, with the Langdale Pikes looming on the horizon.

110 years later and Beatrix and William are at the heart of this design as they enjoy the warmth of a summer’s evening on the tarn, as their wooden rowing boat slowly glides through a sea of red and white water lilies while damselflies hover and swoop overhead.