“Moon Over Eventide” Designed by Emma Bossons FRSA.




“Moon Over Eventide” 393/10 by Emma Bossons FRSA. No design in ceramic art is the exclusive property of a single generation. Like almost everything in our world, time will change it. We should also remember that a past design is not the sole property of antique dealers and auction houses, for in truth, every past design is also the property of future generations of designers, some of whom may well admire, analyse, learn or even rework what they see, doubly so if their workplace just happens to be the same art pottery which gave birth to the original design perhaps a century earlier. Moon Over Eventide is not the Eventide of William Moorcroft, but a design which is contemporary and speaks for a contemporary generation. Its original, natural beauty remains, but that beauty will be seen through the eyes of another generation. The familiar Eventide trees are there still, all set against an almost blood-red evening sky. Behind the trees is a round, full moon, its light enriched by silver gilding at the rim of the vase. It is a magical work of ceramic art, beautiful and reflective, all rolled into one.