Marwick Head by Rachel Bishop BA (Hons)


Senior Designer: Rachel Bishop BA (Hons)
Shape: JU3
Limited Edition: 10

It is well-known that bumblebees are great pollinators and therefore have a key role in producing most of the food that we eat and the flowers we enjoy. Rachel returns to these inspirational little workers again this year, with total adoration. Her latest design, awash with colour and flora, features bees busily visiting the centres of Scottish primroses, ladies’ tresses orchids, birds foot trefoil, red clover, grasses and yellow rattle. Her bouquet of wildflowers twist and turn in a harmonious design while those bold bumblebees make hay while the sun shines. Launched on National Meadows Day, this limited-edition jug, encapsulates the wild, untamed beauty of the wildflower meadows of Marwick Head, on Orkney, in full bloom – the inspiration for Rachel’s new design.