Leonardo by Charlie Bears


“Leonardo” At 45cm/18” Leonardo was in fact the first character to be created in this colourful miniseries of five. Three more of his friends can
be seen on page 69 of our catalogue In a land far far away.
The final bear of this gorgeous miniseries which have all been
inspired by famous Italian artists can be found within our
Charlie Bears Best Friends Club offering during 2017. This
gorgeous bear has been designed with chocolate coloured flat
paw pads so he can stand unaided and his tussled coat has
been made using a combination of soft apricot and creamy
coloured Mohair. He has a hand embroidered nose with
additional airbrushing detail which has been finished off with
a soft coat of wax. Small eye whites have also been introduced
to give him his unforgettable Charlie Bears signature look.
His accessory is a soft to the touch enormously long scarf
(modelled on one of Charlie’s favourite accessories she wears).