Leaf and Grapes 70/9 by Emma Bossons of Moorcroft


Leaf and Grapes 70/9 by Emma Bossons of Moorcroft.

William Moorcroft’s Leaves and Fruit flambé design, produced between 1928-1934, held a simple tube lined leaf and cluster of grapes on the vine in purple, plum and autumnal shades and is considered to be a Moorcroft classic. With an exquisite and total mastery of colour by two of Moorcroft’s longest serving artists, Wendy Mason and Julie Dolan, Emma Bossons’ design on the 70/9 vase, shows grapes hanging in rich autumnal clusters, whilst a handful of leaves, in russet and gold, ring the upper lip as others tumble and fall to the base. The result not only met but excelled all expectations and is said to be the finest Moorcroft vine design in our illustrious history.