Kisses by Charlie Bears



This new series has been inspired by some of the famous characters in Aesop’s Fables, which are the worlds best known morality tales, written by a Greek slave and storyteller in the mid-late 6th Century BCE. Each Fable has an accompanying moral to be learnt from and they are still taught to this day worldwide.

Kisses is from the Fable “The Frog Prince”.Moral: You must keep your promises.

Kisses is made from velvety smooth plush fur in different shades of green and he has all of the usual frog features, such as big, bulging eyes and webbed feet and he wears a ginger organza bow. He is fully jointed and has long legs, which are bent at the knee and so will look great on the edge of a shelf, table or sat on top of something.
If you let Kisses jump into your collection, he will live up to his name and give you plenty of them! However, you will have to jump quickly and order him, as there are only 600 worldwide!

Look out for the other characters in this series:- LIL’ RED, SLOW COACH, SPEEDY, SARGE, WINCO HOPPER, DUNK and SLY.

Kisses is from the Charlie Bears 2019 Collection.

Designed by Alison Mills and co-designed by Charlotte Morris

Hand wash cool, with care.