Jewel by Charlie Bears


Jewel by Charlie Bears 2020 Minimo Collection Size 18cm tall. Designed by Isabelle Lee with co-designer Charlotte Morris. Charlie Bears have created three dainty miniture Unicorns for this years collection Jewel by Charlie Bear 2020 Minimo Collection Limited Edition of 600 worldwide production  Unicorns are legendary creatures and a group of unicorns is known as a blessing.
Jewel unicorn is made from soft grey mohair fur. She has the sweetest face with small black eyes, a handstitched mouth in pink, and of course the unicorn horn. She has a fluffy white mane and long fluffy tail. Jewel also has soft blue hooves that have blue airbrushing that compliments her grey fur perfectly. Her look is finished with a white organza bow with glittery bead detail.