Javert by Kaycee Bears


Kaycee Bears are designed and hand-made by UK teddy bear artist Kelsey Cunningham. Each Kaycee Bear is made from top quality plush fur. They are all fully jointed and have luxuriously soft, cashmere paw pads on their feet. Their eyes are backed with felt which gives them an endearing, soulful expression which is hard to resist. Every teddy bear has a square crystal on their ear or paw pad, mounted on either gold or silver coloured metal depending on the bears colouring. The teddy bears’ names are hand-written onto each swing tag.

Javert is made from the finest quality, dense and super soft medium pile plush fur. He has a trimmed face with glass eyes, low set ears and grey cashmere feet. He is 5 way wobble jointed, wears a cord necklace with beads around his neck and measures 40cm.