Hodgepodge by Charlie Bears


“Hodgepodge” Height 15 Inches /38cms Designed by Isabelle Lee for Charlie Bears 2018 Happy Ever After Collection.
HODGEPODGE lives up to his name, as he is made up from a jumble of mixed colours making a real hodge podge The colours complement each other really well and include a gorgeous baby blue, light and dark grey and a silky soft grey fur that has lots of light tipping. He has a small hand-stitched nose and his sculpted and stitched pads are also jumbled, as one is blue, while the other is grey. He is a cute, innocent looking bear, that is accessorised with a two-tone blue organza ribbon and pendant.
He is best friends with MEDLEY the Other Bear with the Mixed Up Colours
This beautiful Bear is Fully jointed and hand finished and Surface Washable and Suitable for 3yrs +.