Green Tear 80/6 Vase by Moorcroft


Green Tear 80/6 Vase by Moorcroft Designed by Vicky Lovatt open edition. Green Tear, a superb and amazingly expensive new discovery, is one of the most strongly virescent and best ‘green’ snowdrops known. The outer petals are broad and are marked with vertical green strands which can become almost confluent, though it is a soft green and rather lovely for that. The inner segments are almost emerald green except for a slender white border near the apex. Single bulbs have fetched roughly £200 for its discoverer. This treasure does have one fault – against other green things in the garden, it rather disappears, blending into the background. So, it is a plant to purposefully point out to your gardening guests, encouraging them stoop low in order to admire its undoubted beauty close to.