Golden Darter by Rachel Bishop BA (Hons)


Senior Designer: Rachel Bishop BA (Hons)
Shape: 265/7
Limited Edition: 20

Rachel Bishop, Moorcroft’s Senior Designer, has always had a fascination for the living world of water. Indeed, Lamia, the design which made her name back in 1995, had a pond, bulrushes and dragonflies all inspirationally derived from a pond at the bottom of her parents’ garden in the New Forest.

More than quarter of a century later, Rachel offers Golden Darter with a mass of joyful flag irises and a common darter, one of the world’s most common dragonflies with habitats which spread across much of the northern hemisphere. To assist her in her design, Rachel took up the 265/7 shape. Back in 1995, this wonderful shape did not even exist in the Moorcroft portfolio of shapes and its appearance is warmly welcomed. The life of an art pottery is forever evolving and Golden Darter is part of that evolutionary process.