Geronimo by Charlie Bears


Then Came Geronimo standing Bear. At 39 cm or 15.5 inches, five-way jointed and handmade from the softest plush. His fur is beautiful in various pile lengths and rich brown hues. His unforgettable face is highlighted with light brown fur and comes together with a hand-stitched nose, subtle airbrushing and glass eyes backed with felt disks for an adorable ‘who me’ look. Geronimo’s ultrasuede ‘tickly toe’ paw pads feature embroidery, sculpting and airbrushed details. For the final Charlie Bear touch, he wears a skeleton key necklace. A very winsome bear to add to your collection. Geronimo Bear is part of the 2019 FOLKLORES & FABLES: Charlie Bears Collection. Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

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