Garnet Apple 72/9 Vase by Rachel Bishop of Moorcroft


A Garnet Apple pattern 72/9 shape vase by Rachel Bishop from the Circles of Life Collection, Limited Edition. Rachel Bishop has always been profoundly attracted to the succulent pomegranate with its hidden depth of ruby red colour and exciting texture. Almost miraculously as a fruit, it lends itself to Moorcroft art, a fact of life which William Moorcroft himself discovered more than a hundred years ago. Although Rachel is renowned the world over for a design style that works the narrow line between Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts, she has chosen to contain Garnet Apple between Art Deco bands. It is in the name, however, that past history is revealed – a history enveloped in the mysterious mists of time first identified and then captured by the founding father of Moorcroft, becoming in the process perhaps his best-remembered and best-loved design. Garnet Apple joins so much history and style of Moorcroft with the subject matter it embraces to warrant a leading role in the Circles of Life.