Eventide Revisited 162/5 Vase by Moorcroft


Eventide Revisited 162/5 Vase by Moorcroft Designed by Nicola Slaney Numbered Edition. When the Moorcroft factory opened in 1913, Hazeldene was the first landscape design to emerge from the bottle oven. It had been given its name by Liberty and remained in production until 1916. With the arrival of the 1919 bottle oven, landscape pieces were already few and far between until a resurgence occurred in the 1920s. New landscape designs were to be one of Moorcroft’s most characteristic developments during this period, with Moonlit Blue appearing in 1922 and Eventide a year later in 1923.

In 1919 Moorcroft combined these two elements together, firstly because of his continued love of flambé glazes and secondly because of his new found interest in landscape designs. Soon, the 1919 bottle oven would be producing pieces of Eventide, which, by 1925, had Art Deco chevrons or scale borders added to it.

Nicola’s Eventide Revisited landscape now finds the 1919 factory tucked amongst its dark trees, with smoke billowing from all three bottle ovens. Surrounding the landscape panel, Art Deco chevrons frame the factory, with a muted colour palette reminiscent of those famous vases from the 1920s.