Ethel by Charlie Bear




ETHEL by CHARLIE BEARS  Size: 19″ (48cm)

WOW – Look at Ethel!……. she is one of our favorite pandas from this collection, as she made from the curliest fur ever and has a gorgeous new feel, so will appeal to long-standing Charlie Bear fans, who want something different in their collection and new collectors will also love her too…… especially as she has such pretty brown and pink colouring!!

Her legs, arms, ears and panda teardrop markings are dark green, while her body and head are peachy pink.  Her brown sculpted and stitched pads compliment her fur, as does her two-tone hand-stitched nose. Her eyes have the “who me” look, which is due to the white felt underneath her eyes and her ears are hiding within the fur.
She is accessorised with a big peachy pink organza bow and a key pendant……. which is quite possibly the key to your heart!!

So, if you want a pretty and unusual bear, then Ethel is the bear for you!