Echoes in Art


“Echoes in Art” by Senior Designer: Rachel Bishop
Shape: 104/6 (Height 15cm) Limited Edition of 120
Senior designer at Moorcroft, Rachel Bishop, has spent many of her creative days browsing the museum cabinets, pondering on the movements and whimsies of each era in the life of the old Art Pottery. Of course, the story always starts in the first museum cabinet which
safely guards the oldest Moorcroft pots, veterans of the Macintyre years. From here, the imaginative designer has gathered snippets of her favourite James Macintyre era designs and has sewn them together to create a design tapestry sealed in English clay. In Echoes
in Art, those familiar blue chevrons of the Macintyre era make another appearance, but the forget-me-nots of William’s early Florianware and the prunus blossom of his experimental lustre glazes can also be found.
The doors of the Washington Works, where William started his designer career, were opened by William Woodall. Those doors have long since closed, but echoes of the remarkable start of William Moorcroft’s career run wild and free among his successors in the Moorcroft Design Studio of tod