Dmitry by 37/8 by Vicky Lovatt of Moorcroft


Dmitry by 37/8 by Vicky Lovatt of Moorcroft.

While reading in Whitby library located at the end of the pier, Dram Stoker was captivated by accounts he read of the 15th century blood-thirsty tyrant of Transylvania, Count Dracula, an old Romanian name for the Devil himself. Later, he would be told seafarers’ tales about a shipwreck on the 18th October 1885 of a Russian vessel called Dmitry, from Narva, carrying a cargo of silver sand.

You can almost imagine, Stoker staggering out along the windswept pier, and absorbing the bleak headland, the dramatic Abbey ruins, and a church surrounded by swooping bats and considering Dracula’s arrival on this ship.

In true Gothic style, Vicky captures the atmospheric occasion on a sailor’s flagon. Under a Hunter’s Moon, a red oak-framed galleon ship is lifted high on the crashing waves as the silhouette of the ancient Abbey stands ominously over the sleepy fishing village. On the reverse of the flagon, elongated shadows of serrated wings mimic the towering silhouettes of the Abbey – whispers of a casket being opened, revelations from a ship’s log, and a mysterious dog soaring up the 99-steps to the Abbey, announces the arrival of Dracula himself perhaps?