Dabbler Ducks by Kerry Goodwin


Designer: Kerry Goodwin
Shape: 198/5
Limited Edition: 15

By no means a common species of duck, the wigeon is more associated with Northern England and reserves such as RSPB Leighton Moss. Noted especially for its attractive colours, the male wigeon is grey, with a pink breast, orange head, yellow forehead and noticeable white wing patches. As so often happens in the natural world, the females have a rusty brown plumage and a pointed tail. Both are industrious feeders on wetlands, gentle banks of lakes and slow-moving streams.

Outside the breeding season in the middle of the year, flocks of wigeon migrate to the coastal areas in search of food, and it is the quantity of the new arrivals at the seaside that gives a false impression of generous numbers. In fact, the wigeon is on the Amber list of endangered species – one short of Red.

The nickname for a wigeon is ‘a dabbler’ because of its habit of running its short beak across the surface of its watery home in search of floating food. It is not surprising that designer Kerry Goodwin seized an unusual opportunity to introduce her colourful wigeons to Moorcroft connoisseurs.