Cadeaux by Charlie Bears


Cadeaux by Charlie Bears At 14″ (36cm) is Limited Edition of 250
CADEAUX is friends with ORSON and they make a great bear pairing, as Orson means ‘Bear’ and Cadeaux means ‘Gifts’ in French and so put together translates as Bear Gifts!!
For details of ORSON, click here.
CADEAUX is made with a lovely grey, curly mohair on the body and head, while the fur on the arms, legs and muzzle is more unusual, because at first glance you think it is lilac, but it isn’t – it’s a pale grey, with lots of black tipping, but the fur is sparse, so you can see the pink backing, giving the lilac effect – so she will stand out in your collection. This colour compliments the paw pads, that have a striped pattern. The muzzle has been shaved to reveal appealing dark eyes and a brown hand-stitched nose. She wears a pretty lace collar and has a key and button pendant.