Booming Bitterns by Emma Bossons FRSA


Designer: Emma Bossons FRSA
Shape: 30/10
Limited Edition: 10

At RSPB Leighton Moss Nature Reserve, there are times when nothing can be seen or heard apart from the incessant whistling of a cold wind which comes on its long, lonely journey direct from the Arctic. This is bittern territory, the rare, shy bird which moves silently among the reeds which are its home. Feathered in shades of brown to camouflage all members of the small family of heron-like birds, they make their silent path through the rushes that litter the surface of the water. The silence is occasionally broken by a loud and eerie booming sound. Between March and June, the booms are more frequent, but by midsummer, the sound will have almost vanished.

Designer Emma Bossons’s bitterns are portrayed with each bird adopting a different posture as they effortlessly weave their way through the reeds. You are watching a family working their way through life with a harmony and grace. With the RSPB, Moorcroft has created something really special – a design image to last more than a lifetime.