Big Ron and Little Ron by Charlie Bears




Big Ron and Little Ron by Charlie Bears , Big Ron 24.5″ (62cm)  Little Ron 16″ (41cm)

This gorgeous pair of wildlife grizzzlies have been named after two of our favourite comedy duos…….. The Two Ronnies……… BIG RON is Ronnie Barker and LITTLE RON is Ronnie Corbet, who is pint-sized, but has bags of personality!

This pair come as a set and are in a numbered limited edition of 1500 worldwide, so will be highly collectible, as there will not be enough for everyone that wants them – so be quick if you want them in your hug!

The bears have really soft brown fur, that has some black tipping and there is a lighter brown crescent on their chest, like moon bears. Their prominent muzzles have been shaved to show off the hand-stitched nose and endearing eyes……… but unlike their namesakes…….they don’t wear glasses!!

They can both stand un-aided and gentle curves have been placed in their arms, so they can snuggle closely. Both are accessorised with a key and heart pendant.

Big Ron & Little Ron are from the Charlie Bears 2019 Collection.