Au Lait Coffee Pot by Emma Bossons of Moorcroft


Au Lait Coffee Pot by Emma Bossons of Moorcroft.

It matters not whether William Moorcroft made any coffee sets after he moved to Sandbach Road other than those decorated with Powder Blue and made especially for his new masters, Liberty & Co. Those made during his years with James Macintyre & Co were dainty, delicately designed and in tune with the age in which they were made. That age has long since passed by. Today, we live in a world where the very best in the applied arts can still survive and thrive and the new Moorcroft coffee set, designed, shaped and totally created from scratch, by the skilled hands of Emma Bossons FRSA, shows us why this is true.

Emma’s work on her ground-breaking coffee set has taken three years of trial and tribulation, perseverance and then the satisfaction of creative success. Emma’s coffee set is among the very finest of pieces of its kind ever to emerge from Moorcroft.