Ancient Origin 48/12 Designed by Rachel Bishop of Moorcroft


“Ancient Origin” 84/12 by Rachel Bishop Limited to 40 from the Spirit of Australia Collection 2018

Australian eucalypts have a phenomenal past.  Some of the oldest fossils have been found on the other side of the world in South America.  Beautifully preserved gum nuts, blossoms and leaves have been unearthed in Patagonia, some dating back an incredible 52 million years!  At that time Australia, Antarctica and South America were still joined as part of the huge continent of Gondwana.  Eucalypts most likely colonised Australia after the continent drifted north to become drier and hotter.  Their balmy leaves and bright yellow pom-pom flowers have beckoned Moorcroft designers for decades.  The latest ceramic tribute to eucalypts features the Illyarrie (Eucalyptus erythrocorys) found in the Margaret River.  Golden yellow flowers provide a pleasant contrast to the gentle sage leaves.  Designers at Moorcroft are spoilt for choice as there are more than 800 species of Eucalyptus in Australia.  The sheer number of them, and the subtle variations between them all, tell of an ancient origin carried into modern times.  Some experts believe they overlapped in time with dinosaurs. For that reason alone, we should revere them as a modern Australian success story with a spectacular past.