Well, what a great day we had yesterday the 8th of November with all of our collectors. Malar pulled out all the stops to get rare pieces of Moorcroft to entice our customers and they weren’t disappointed. Many of the pieces were trials and as yet released designs, so there was a lot of interest in these amazing pieces despite the gloomy times. Malar and Kim spent days resetting all of the cabinets to the best effect and they looked spectacular.

We have had all the signs replaced on the Drakesbrook Antiques and Collectables building and the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo art piece has been set in front of our shop thanks to an art grant offered by the Shire which has spruced the place up once more and the Shire is tidying up the gardens and replanted their “D” shaped garden in front of our store in natives to help with water usage. It should all look great next Spring when all the natives start to bloom. So a big thank you to Dean and his staff and gardening team of the Waroona Shire for their help and interest in tidying up the town at last. Dean the new CEO has been a real asset to Waroona and hardly missed a beat despite all of the Covid setbacks. So looking forward to all the art installations around the place before the end of the month.