Moorcroft is reopening on June 20

Moorcroft is reopening on the 20th of June after a big scare that they may not open again due to the Covid and economic stress.  So this is great news indeed!   This means when things get back to normal we can hopefully expect a visit from Mr. Hugh Edwards all being well. He intended to come here this year but the Covid outbreak killed off that idea, so they are trying to lock in a visit for next year once the virus has dissipated. 

We have managed to get a red-tailed Black-Cockatoo back into stock along with the original Kookaburra vase by Philip Gibson, so lots of nice pieces to view for our collectors.

The Shire has begun sprucing up the town and we were lucky enough to get a grant to erect the image of the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo in front of our store. This is a piece of original artwork for the Red Tail vase by Moorcroft. They gave us permission to trial the idea of art around the town, for a beautification project and we will now put it to good use. The garden in front of the shop has been updated to a mostly native garden now which will brighten up the place even more. Our new Shire CEO has really got stuck into making our town more attractive!  Can’t wait to see it all finished!