This is a new range of hand made bears to our store all individually made just for you with loving care. Below is a statement from the artist regarding the bears.

“I started collecting Teddy bears several years ago and after purchasing my first artist bear “Smudge” by Chilli Bears became interested in bear artistry. After buying several Teddy Bear Magazines I decided to buy a bear making kit and give it a go not even knowing how to hand sew. After a few minutes with my mum showing me how to back stitch I began and by the end was amazed he actually looked like a Teddy Bear. I haven’t looked back since and after making several bears and creatures from patterns I began designing my own creations.

My creations are quite diverse ranging from cute/traditional style bears, realistic style bears, as well as rats and other creatures.It is always a surprise when I create a new design and have a creature with such a depth of presence looking back at me. Each of them have their own stories to tell when you look deeply into their eyes. As you journey through the following pages take the time to let them share their stories with you.”